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Home > News > FIFA 17 creators EA Sports pay tribute to fallen Chapecoense players
FIFA 17 creators EA Sports pay tribute to fallen Chapecoense players

THE football community has a way of banding together in the wake of tragedy, and that includes the gaming world.

EA Sports has joined clubs and players all over the world in paying tribute to Brazil’s Chapecoense with a great little gesture in its latest instalment of the popular FIFA series.

EA Sports has made Chapecoense’s badge and home and away kits available for free on FIFA Ultimate Team, the video game’s most popular online game mode.

“Wear this kit and crest in support of the friends, family, and fans of Chapecoense,” reads a message to FIFA 17 players when they open up Ultimate Team. The kits and badge then show up under your club’s new items.

A plane carrying almost all of Chapecoense’s players and staff crashed in Colombia on Monday night, leaving 71 dead and only six survivors. Many clubs in Brazil have since pledged to help Chapecoense rebuild their squad and are lobbying for the club to be granted immunity from relegation from Brazil’s top flight (which would, in turn, keep them in the FIFA video games) after the heartbreaking catastrophe.

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